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Revenue Cycle Improvement


The Challenge: Making the Revenue Cycle Perform


The Revenue Cycle is a people and software driven process with many changes and responsive parts. Kohler HealthCare Consulting’s Revenue Cycle Services are designed around your needs. We want to partner with you in traversing the effects of this uncertain economy by offering the following services:


Front End
  • Align Case Management/Utilzation Review to Revenue
    Cycle Issues.
  • Front End Assessment and Implementation Based on
    Specific Departmental Issues.
  • Education Services—Educate departmental staff on
    documentation and proper charging.
  • Perform Overall Compliance Reviews.
  • Charge Master Integrity—Update the Charge Description Master (CDM) and Charge Capture Elements and Functions (both how and what). Assure departmental staff understand what to select. Also, confirm Physician Orders are in place and followed with supporting documentation.
  • Coding Audits for Charging Accuracy.
  • Compliance Audits.
  • Physician Education Services—Complete orders and documentation to support charging.
Back End
  • Denial Prevention—Assure services are captured as well as demographic/insurance information to reduce denied claims or MAC/RAC paybacks. Identify functionality of Patient Financial Services for improvements and Leaness.
  • Denial Processing—Evaluate and improve denied days and services—circle back to Care Management on denials and appeals. Root cause analysis.
  • Determination of System Issues and Resolution.


Kohler HealthCare Consulting is known for implementing what we recommend. We want you to have the options to use the tools you have in place and we can help verify they are being used to their highest capability. Or, we can help you select the tools you need. KHC is committed to your future successes.


KOHLER HealthCare Consulting, Inc. (KHC) has been a leader in improving the financial results of hospitals and professional fee practices for over 30 years.


We start by understanding your needs and your concerns. We then review the tools and process you currently have in place and determine if they are what you need to improve the financial outcome of your Revenue Cycle. We are not focused on selling software—we help you select the supporting software to meet your needs.


We can work on one department or the entire hospital. Our overall goal is to improve the function of your organization and provide monitoring tools to perform effective interventions resulting in improved results. We are there when you need us; however, our goal for your organization is self-sufficiency.


Because of our broad range of educational and operational experiences (operational, staffing, coding, billing and compliance), we are able to identify the links in each aspect of the Revenue Cycle. Through this framework, along with a continuous updating of the skills and knowledge required for optimal performance, KHC works collaboratively to bring the components together.


Customized education, development of purpose tools and implementation sets us apart from the companies that sell a one size fits all approach.


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put the pieces together

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Collaboration + Knowledge = Sustainable Results

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