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Progressive Approach to Reducing Avoidable
Hospital Readmissions




Hospitals now face financial penalties when patients are readmitted and it's deemed to be an "avoidable admission." Many patients discharged after a hospital admission, are readmitted due to many situations. Many readmissions are avoidable and create opportunities to improve and better coordinate care for the patient. Hospitalizations are an expensive and ineffective form of managing health care and often cause further deterioration of a patient's health status, including safety and infection risks. Reducing avoidable hospital readmissions leads to improving quality, reducing unnecessary health care costs, and promoting patient-centered care.


Our Approach


Being prospective and creative is the key. There are basic steps to achieve process improvement and one critical element is to develop a systemic team approach to reach the desired goals and outcomes. Although there are challenges in our health care delivery system, interventions to address readmissions would include:

  • An assessment of current practices
  • Develop baseline dataset for admission and readmission causes
  • Develop a multidisciplinary team with appropriate stakeholders
  • Institute a Community-Based Case Management Program ®
  • Develop processes to address the reasons for readmissions
  • Implement and follow-up to determine realization of goals

Our goal is to provide our clients with quality services to address issues that affect how patients are managed in the health care climate and improve the effectiveness of hospital and community systems.


KOHLER HealthCare Consulting, Inc. (KHC)

has been a leader in Hospital Profitability and Care management for over 30 years.


Kohler HealthCare Consulting recognizes that hospitals can serve as the catalyst for reducing hospital readmissions despite the fact that readmissions are influenced by multiple factors, some of which are related to the community. Patients may receive discharge planning, in which all too many times, may be on the day of discharge. This contributes to patients and family members not understanding the follow-up instructions, and in addition, they may not have the ability to self-manage their care. Most current initiatives are dedicated to improving the transition from the hospital to the community. Kohler HealthCare Consulting understands that it is important to develop strategies based on the factors that cause the readmission for the initial discharge period as well as a time frame of up to thirty days post discharge. Patients with multiple chronic conditions are at high risk for readmission. KHC helps to develop a well thought out plan involving coordination of communication in which providers and patients are engaged at each step in the process as an essential element to decreasing inappropriate readmissions.


KHC believes that an effective community-based Case Manager Program (CBCM) operating within the community itself will have a significant role and expertise in managing and improving patient care while decreasing hospital readmissions.


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