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Nursing and Clinical Consulting Services

  • Does your organization have a lingering RN Manager vacancy?
  • Is there a unit that chronically struggles to meet expectations?
  • What strategies can be applied to bolster Clinical Manager and Staff performance to become successful business units?

KHC offers consulting services from Nurse Executives who have lived on the front line and became successful career leaders through hands—on experience, practical knowledge, and professional development. We offer an array of services and a comprehensive approach to target your specific needs:



  • Interim Position Fill for Nursing Manager or Director
  • Patient Care Area Performance Assessment, Stabilization and Upgrade
  • Enhanced Manager Skill + Effectiveness
  • One-on-One Manager Coaching


  • Operational Assessment and Process Improvements
  • Departmental Turn-Around Assessment and Action Plans
  • HCAHPS Score Improvement


  • Nursing Staffing Examinations and Labor Costs Management
  • Reduction of Non-Productive Time/Overtime

Human Resources

  • Clinical Job Descriptions, Competencies and Performance Management Systems
  • Recruitment and Retention Strategies
  • Strategic Employee-Based Action Plans

KOHLER HealthCare Consulting, Inc. (KHC)

has been a leader in improving clinical, financial and operational results for over 30 years.


Patient Care Services


Today's PCS Executives have been vaulted to positions that depend on effective Leaders, Managers and Staff who must perform independently and strategically to ensure your success. This requires talents that are learned, not born. We understand the intricacies of performance at the unit level.


Examples of Nurse Leader Depth of Expertise:

  • Design and implementation of Turnaround Strategy resulting in upgrade of problematic, low-performing units.
  • Individualized mentoring for Manager development to improve critical thinking, accountability, decision quality and goal setting for collective clinical group.
  • Staffing revisions to match surge demands.
  • Targeted action plans to improve HCAHPS and patient/staff perception data.
  • Quality/RCA investigations with staff in-servicing for future prevention.
  • Nursing process and RAPT improvements.
  • Manager/Clinical job descriptions and competencies to upgrade staff performance.




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Collaboration + Knowledge = Sustainable Results

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