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ICD-10 Services


The Current Environment


“Ready or not here I come!” But ICD-10 is no child’s game.


ICD-10 is a game changer.


Looking at shift in the sheer volume of codes is indicative of the magnitude of change required. We are moving from 18,000+ codes under ICD-9-CM to 141,000+ codes under ICD-10.


Many providers are well underway with their coder education initiatives. If you need additional resources we can help you with that, but coder education is the proverbial “tip of the iceberg.”


Physician clinical documentation is critical. If you are not seeing consistently excellent clinical documentation now, there is high risk of substantial denials post ICD-10. Operational processes are also impacted. Many Policies and Procedures will require updating. A critical review of billing compliance readiness is prudent. Revenue is impacted. It is important to know where and by how much. For example, changes in reserves may be needed.


If you have operational, analytical, or educational needs, we can help you make the crucial shift to ICD-10.


Why KHC?

  • We employ a denial prevention mindset to solve the right problems.
  • Your claims data is put through a data mining process to provide comprehensive, yet inexpensive, risk assessment.
  • Our approach provides a “speed to value” look at your DRG “winners” and “losers.” In addition, it provides a variety of data “slices”- i.e., departmental as well as service line.
  • We are experts in providing the critical physician education needed to bring clinical documentation to meet the exacting specificity needed for coding and billing under ICD-10.
  • We deliver custom ICD-10 education focused on your priorities. We use your medical record and claims data to make training relevant and effective.
  • Our expertise includes hospitals, sub-acute and post-acute entities, as well as physician practices.

KOHLER HealthCare Consulting, Inc. (KHC)


KHC Resources

  • Naturally, we have a certified ICD-10 trainer leading our ICD-10 team.
  • Our team includes nurses, coders, and revenue cycle and compliance experts.
  • We utilize the latest data mining analytics to provide you with a solid view of your DRG “winners” and “losers.”
  • We provide classroom education, mentoring and guidance.
  • Should you need interim, certified coding staff, we have resources and relationships that can help.
  • Our expertise includes hospitals, sub-acute and post-acute entities, as well as physician practices.
  • With more than 20 KHC professionals, we offer the resources of larger firms without the overhead costs.


Goals are Customized, Targeted Outcomes May Include:

  • Identify ICD-10 DRG “winners” and “losers”
  • ICD-10 ready operational processes
  • Improved physician clinical documentation
  • Reduced risk of denials
  • Reduction risk of increase in days of unbilled accounts receivable
  • Mitigate anticipated impacts on coding accuracy and productivity
  • Reduced risk of noncompliance



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Collaboration + Knowledge = Sustainable Results

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